Recent Publications

N. Kan’an, H. Silva and A. Gokirmak, Phase-change pipe for non-volatile routing, Journal of the Electron Devices Society 4, 2, 72-75 (2016).

Nafisa Noor, Luca Lucera‡,2,§, Thomas Capuano3,§, Venkata Manthina4,¶, Alexander G. Agrios5,6, Helena Silva1 and Ali Gokirmak, Blue and white light emission from zinc oxide nanoforests, Beilstein J. Nanotechnol. 2015, 6, 2463–2469 (2015).

L. Adnane, N. Williams, H. Silva and A. Gokirmak, “High temperature setup for measurements of Seebeck coefficient and electrical resistivity of thin films using inductive heating,” Review of Scientific Instruments, vol. 86, pp. 105119, 2015.

N. Noor, V. Manthina, K. Cil, L. Adnane, A. G. Agrios, A. Gokirmak, H. Silva, “Atmospheric pressure microplasmas in ZnO nanoforests under high voltage stress,” AIP Advances, 2015, 5, 9, 097212, 2015.

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