ECE 2001 – Electrical Circuits (A. Gokirmak): offered in Spring

Analysis of electrical networks incorporating passive and active elements. Basic laws and techniques of analysis. Transient and forced response of linear circuits. AC steady state power and three-phase circuits. Periodic excitation and frequency of response. Computer analysis tools. Design projects are implemented and tested in the laboratory. Laboratory reports with revisions are required for each project.

ECE 3001 – Electromagnetic Fields and Waves (H. Silva): offered in Spring

ECE 3001 is a comprehensive undergraduate course on electromagnetic fields and waves for electrical engineers. It focuses on application of electric and magnetic field theory to engineering problems involving conductors, dielectrics, semiconductors, magnetic materials, the motion of charged particles, and wave propagation.

ECE 3245/ENGR 3195 – Introduction to Nanotechnology / Nanoscience and Society (H. Silva)

Basic concepts of nanoscience; new physical properties at these scales (~1-100 nm); different approaches to fabricate, image, characterize and manipulate nanostructures and nanodevices; current and potential applications in areas as diverse as electronics, health and energy; societal impacts of nanotechnology.

ECE 4225/5225 – Electronic Device Design and Characterization (A. Gokirmak): offered in Fall

Design of micro/nano electronic devices using state-of-art computer simulation tools, experimental electrical characterization of semiconductor devices and introduction to modern electronic devices such as high-performance MOSFETs, TFTs, solar cells, non-volatile memories, CCDs, and thermoelectric power generators.

ECE 4095/6095 – Memory devices and technologies (H. Silva): offered in Spring

A survey of current semiconductor memory (flash, DRAM, SRAM) and alternative memory technologies (MRAM, FeRAM, RRAM, Phase-change memory).