MRS Spring 2014 – San Francisco

Ali, Faruk, Adam and Zack are planning to be at the MRS next week in San Francisco

Oral Presentations:

BB12.02, Narrow and Short Channel Bulk Si MOSFET with Body Accumulation through Side-Gates, Mustafa  Bilal  Akbulut, Faruk  Dirisaglik, Adam  Cywar, Azer  Faraclas, Douglas  Pence, Jyotica  Patel2, Steven  Steen, Ron  Nunes, Helena  Silva, Ali  Gokirmak

HH2.08, Modeling of Phase Change Memory Devices Using a Dynamic Crystal Density Approach, Zachary  Woods, Ali  Gokirmak

HH3.02, Effect of Baseline Voltage on the Set Dynamics of Phase Change Memory Devices, Kadir  Cil, Gokhan  Bakan, Zoila  Jurado, Zachary  Woods, Faruk  Dirisaglik, Mustafa  Bilal  Akbulut, Yu  Zhu, Chung  Lam, Ali  Gokirmak, Helena  Silva.

HH5.06, High Speed, High Temperature Electrical Characterization of Meta-Stable Phases and Crystallization Dynamics of Ge2Sb2Te5, Faruk  Dirisaglik, Gokhan  Bakan, Zoila  Jurado, Lindsay  Sullivan, Sadid  Muneer, Mustafa  Akbulut, Kadir  Cil, Yu  Zhu, Chung  Lam, Helena  Silva, Ali  Gokirmak


P6.18, Melting a Wire At One End: High-Temperature Thermoelectric Transport via Generation-Transport-Recombination of Minority Carriers in Highly Doped Semiconductors, Ali  Gokirmak, Gokhan  Bakan, Niaz  Khan, Helena  Silva

HH6.01, Simultaneous Seebeck and Electrical Resistivity Characterization of Ge2Sb2Te5 Thin Films, L’Hacene  Adnane, Ali  Gokirmak, Helena  Silva

HH6.04, Dynamic Crystallization Model for Ge2Sb2Te5 Nanostructures, Adam  Cywar, Sean  Fischer, Ali  Gokirmak

HH6.07, Impact of Heater Material on Thermoelectric Heating and Cooling in Phase Change Memory Cells, Azer  Faraclas, Ali  Gokirmak, Helena  Silva, Adam  Cywar

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