Zoila Jurado (now a Ph.Dtudent at Caltech Mech. Eng.)


Recent Publications

Austin Deschenes, Sadid Muneer, Mustafa Akbulut, Ali Gokirmak and Helena Silva,  Analysis of self-heating of thermally assisted spin-transfer torque magnetic random access memory, Beilstein Journal of Nanotechnoly, 7, 1676–1683 (2016).

Lhacene Adnane, Ali Gokirmak and Helena Silva, High temperature Hall measurement setup for thin film characterization, Review of Scientific Instruments 87, 075117 (2016).

Nadim Kan’an, Helena Silva and Ali Gokirmak, Phase-change pipe for non-volatile routing, Journal of the Electron Devices Society 4, 2, 72-75 (2016).